Working with Barb and Don Oitker of Dynamic Job Solutions is a money-saving proposition. Instead of trying to find ways of replacing HR staff or departments, Barb and Don work with you to develop your staff’s potential to the utmost.

Have you ever found yourself saying “What was I thinking” in regards to an employee hire or promotion? Our goal is to help you get to the place were you never have to say that again.

Very often the fault isn’t with your reasoning, it’s simply that you didn’t have enough data to base a solid decision on — and likely, you weren’t even aware that you were lacking the right information.

That’s where our Assessments come in. By providing structured tests that result in measurable data we’re able to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions on hiring, firing and staffing.

Using the tools we can provide, you can develop an HR system that recruits the best candidates, places them in the most appropriate spots in your business, nurtures their professional development over time, and even provides for succession planning so that you can plan your retirement!

Our selection of employee assessment tools includes:

  • Pre employment screening including integrity, work ethic and reliability
  • Pre employment background checks
  • Employee recruitment, selection, training, coaching and development assessments
  • Sales recruitment and sales training
  • Customer service training, skill development and selection
  • Management leadership development and training
  • Employee personality assessment
  • Team building and analysis
  • 360 degree evaluation for employee performance reviews
  • Organization 360 degree analysis

Our Assessments are the key component to hiring the right people and to putting them into the position that best suits them. We evaluate managers of every level as well as other staff. In today’s workplace the use of assessments is accepted, even expected.

Our goal with the assessments is to ensure that you have the most effective mix of personalities and skill sets in every position in your organization.

By using the assessments effectively, you’ll find that our services don’t cost you money, they SAVE you money. These savings come from reducing new employee acquisition costs, turnover costs, re-training costs, not to mention incoming revenues generated by having the right people in the right positions.

As you’ll see by the extent of our Assessments, we can help you through every employee decision by providing you with measurable metrics that will allow you to dispassionately evaluate your employees and candidates.

From this, you’ll be able to ensure that your organization is staffed at all levels by the people who will perform best. Top performers can outperform average performers by 19% – 48% and non-performers by 38% – 96%, depending on the skill level.

You can request a free demo or consultation of our human resources assessment tests by email or by calling 217-885-3406.

If you’d like to schedule a free consultation with Barb or Don, give us a call at 217-885-3406.

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